Dove Cameron interview with obsessee
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A young girl from Seattle moves to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, lands a starring role (well, two, because she plays identical twins) on @disneychannel, and shoots to stardom. Sound familiar? Sure. But @dovecameron is anything but common. Although her rise to fame is a story we’ve heard before, and that same track produced household names who not only grew up with millions of people watching but also embarrassed themselves on more than a few occasions, there’s something different this time around. It’s been three years since Liv and Maddie first aired, and since then, Dove’s flourished into a full-blown superstar with 9 million Instagram followers *and* a good head on her shoulders. We spent the day with her, channeling a bohemian Stevie Nicks for this photoshoot (and #emojifiles video! Watch our Stories now ☝️) and she’s exactly how you’d imagine her to be: smart, fun, and omg-what-planet-do-you-come-from talented. As you read this, she’s in rehearsal for @nbchairspraylive, preparing for what I imagine to be an insanely stressful feat—a live musical that also happens to be broadcasted on national TV—but lucky for her, she’s a true triple threat. No sweat, right?

“One of my proudest moments was on the final day that we wrapped Liv and Maddie. Because you never talk to your co-stars or your producers about the gravity of anything. You experience what you experience. It’s casual. But when we were doing final wraps, they called me last, and I remember looking at all these people who have truly become my family, having them clap for me and telling me that I made them proud. Making people who you love proud is what makes me the proudest.”

“It scares me to feel like I don’t have enough of myself at any given moment—feeling like I’ve given too much. Because I’m the kind of person to give, give, give, and then I realize I’m empty. It’s like how when you reach the end of the day and you’re so drained. I live my life on that precipice of constantly giving too much, because I love to give, it feels good, but then there’s that thin line between giving too much. It scares me to feel like I’ve reached that end where I have nothing left to give but still need to go on. I have to constantly budget my day and my time.”

“My advice to girls pursuing their dreams is to look back at your life as though it’s already happened. Imagine how well it went and all of the things you did and everything that went right for you—your dream life. And then pursue that life like you have the safety of something that’s already happened. Go into the world like you’re in complete control, like you’re looking back, like it’s a memory. Because then you’ll do more, and you’ll get it all done. Because you can.”

“I have too many goals. I just tweeted that the other day, actually. Overall, my goals are to wake up excited and happy with what I’m doing every day, to be fulfilled, and to have more laughing and exuberant times than anxious times. Otherwise, I want to travel the world, to be in love, and to improve other people’s days.”

“I’d love to do Broadway. It’s something I’ve never experienced, but I’ve always wanted to do it. I’d also love to direct and produce just because I love the industry. That’s why I wanted to get involved in the first place. For film. It wasn’t necessarily to be an actor. That was just the first of a bunch of things I wanted to experience.”

“The lack of information that’s fed to children when they’re young about how to take care of themselves is something I care about. To me, it’s neglect to not feed kids nutritious foods. I plan on expanding that idea into a cookbook one day and potentially, way off into the future, a restaurant chain with really nutritional but inexpensive, easy-to-make stuff. Preaching strong values to young minds and readying children to be adults, in a healthy way, is really important to me.”

“My ideal night is coming home after a long day of work and feeling like I accomplished something. I already worked out and got all of that out of the way. Ordering chinese takeout, turning all the lights off, lighting all the candles, and binge-watching the Ricky Gervais version of The Office. With a boy—with a cute boy and some blankies.”

Final speed round of questions with @dovecameron on 3, 2, 1…

Favorite place to shop:@asos just because they have so much variety. And @nastygal.”


Preferred mode of communication: “Probably texting.”

Biggest splurges: “I definitely splurge on food the most. Second, maybe skincare products.”

Best face mask:@glamglow or #Noxzema. I use Noxzema cleanser to get heavy makeup off, and it’s fantastic.”

Thing she never leaves home without: “Food. I always have food in my bag. Everyone on set comes to me if they’re hungry because I always have eight different kinds of bars, beef jerky, and blackberries.”

Go-to joke: “My favorite joke, which isn’t even funny but I’m already laughing at is… Knock-knock. Who’s there? Little old lady. Little old lady who… can also yodle.”

Tastiest snack: “Lately, I’m doing this thing where I chop up apples, put sugar and cinnamon on them, and then microwave it. Oh, it’s so good. It’s like a little baby apple pie.”