Model Diaries Interview with Dove Cameron
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Model Diaries with Dove Cameron | Modeliste Magazine
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Model Diaries: Dove Cameron
Dove Cameron is taking her true passion to new heights and writing her own script.

Dove Cameron, is best known for playing a dual role as identical twin sisters in the Disney Channel teen sitcom Liv and Maddie and starring in Descendants with the highly anticipated sequel Descendants 2 coming out in July 2017. With a singing career on the rise, and vocals so compelling, transformative and thrilling, Dove has garnered a wave of recent attention and has been lavishly praised for not only her acting and singing careers but for being authentic, empowering, a role model for girls and unapologetically true to herself. She is 21 years old and about to embark upon perhaps the most exciting stretch of her career—- a document of self-discovery immersed in creativity, honesty and the pursuit of her dreams.

Modeliste: Describe your favorite fan experience.

Dove: Well, okay. I have a lot. I don’t know if I could ever choose one favorite fan experience, and that’s not just me saying that. I have a really cool kind of singular relationship with my fans because it took me forever to even acknowledge the fact that I had fans. That’s so confusing to me. As a human being, you see yourself through all of your stages. I remember what I looked like with braces. I remember who I was in my onsies when I was like four. To think of that human having people who see something different or aspire or whatever, relate to on a massive scale is just strange. It’s definitely not something that I think every human is born feeling. It’s not a natural thing that happens to everybody.

It took me a really long time to sort of get my brain around that and then once I did, it was like I don’t want to have a separation between me and my fans. I want it to be like a friendship. If you see something in me that you relate to and connect with, I probably do too. If I were to get to know you, but there’s so many of you that I can’t really get to know every single one of you.

I have this really friendly give and take with them and the other day I was in New York and I just hit up like four of them, randomly. I was like, “Hey. I know that you guys live in New York. What are you doing tomorrow?” They were like, “Oh, nothing.” We went and we got fries and then we got our nails done. It was just totally spur of the moment. We spent like the whole day together and they picked out my nail polish color. We ordered a lot of fries. It was amazing. Then later, one of those fans actually had me draw a heart and she got it tattooed on her wrist. I thought that that was kind of amazing. Not that I’m condoning that, but it was just so sweet. It was one of the most permanent things that I’ve ever seen and I love that.

Modeliste: What has been your funniest or most memorable red carpet ever?

Dove: See, I’m terrible at a red carpet. I just will never learn. I see all these photos of these girls in red carpets and like, okay I can do that. Then I get on there and I see myself in photo shoots and that person knows how to pose. On a red carpet, I do not know how to pose. I don’t know what happens to me, I think I just get anxious. There’s too much going on. I see the same faces and so sometimes I’ll have conversations with the paparazzi on the red carpet. You get a lot of me being real, like with spit coming out of my mouth, being like “hey!” I haven’t fallen yet. Now that I’ve said that I’m going to fall. Every one is memorable because I just lose my mind on red carpets. I have to embrace the fact that I’m a ridiculous human and they’re all memorable when you’re me.

Modeliste: Who is someone you would love to costar with in the future?

Dove: Wow. My two male actors that I’m obsessed with are Stanley Tucci and David Tennant. I love them so much. I feel like I know them. I’m like a fangirl. I’m obsessed with them. I also love Lee Pace. I fell in love with him during his Pushing Daisies days. That kind of comes fast. Then for women, I love Jessica Lang. Who else do I love? Obviously Meryl Streep. Kristin Chenoweth was my main hero that I really wanted to meet and spend time with. We’ve obviously built a really incredible working relationship. I want to work with her for the rest of my life. It’s a lot.

Modeliste: We heard you’re working on a new singing career. Can you tell us about that and what can we expect for your first single?

Dove: I’m really excited about my music. I have been waiting a long time to be able to do what I think I’m about to do. It’s been my dream and I hate that, “my dream”, but it has. It’s been my dream and part of my goals and part of who I am and my spirit and my bones since I was alive in the world. Having people be like, “Hey do you want to do this? We’ll give you the resources to do this.” and having people be like, “We want to hear it!” is really surreal and awesome. I’m excited. That’s definitely coming. 2017 is going to be a really big year. I can’t speak too much on it, but in terms of my first single, it’s definitely going to be exciting. I think a lot of my fans can anticipate what it’s going to sound like. I think a lot of you can’t. I’m really excited about that, excited to show what the inside of my body is like. That sounded strange. I’m excited to show you what I am on the inside. That’s what it’s going to sound like.

Modeliste: Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating music?

Dove: When I’m creating music, I draw my inspiration from honestly not even experiences. I know that every song writer in the world is like, my personal experiences. I’ve tried to do that, but they all just end up sounding like really ridiculous. They get too wordy. My mother is a poet and my dad was a pianist and so I just get really wordy and I’m like, it’s not exactly how I feel. I just give up on it. I get really angry and I walk away. There’s like pages and pages of me being like, “oh.” I write like, it’s going to sound so lame, but vibes. I write based on whenever I’ve been in the room and I’m like writing with a group, or with somebody else, I’m very sensory. I love really nostalgic feeling songs, songs that can make anyone universally hit that thing in them. We all know what that is. We all know that thing. We all know those feelings and that stuff. That stuff that is like the life energy that we all feel and it can hit us sometimes. We’re like, oh. It’s that breath. I feel like I like to write about that.

You know, it’s like being a human is like being a beam of light. Then, whoever you are that day is just like a different gel over that. Have you ever looked up at a stage and see these lights. They have like a blue gel, or a red gel, or a purple gel and that’s what’s creating the light on stage. That’s what being a human is, right? It’s like we’re all just lights and then it’s like different gels over us. That’s what songwriting is like. It’s like you get a light, get a feeling, and then you just put a different gel over it. You vibe?

Modeliste: How would you describe your everyday style.

Dove: I wear the same pair of jeans and t-shirts and little Adidas sneakers every day with my hair up and some red lipstick. That’s kind of it actually. That’s kind of my style. Or I wear some crazy “costumey” look, like I found it in the back of a thrift store and pair it with huge combat boots. I don’t know. I also like to sort of dress like a big, baggy sweatshirts as dresses.

Modeliste: What is your current handbag?

Dove: I just got a little baby Celine bucket bag that I’m really obsessed with. I never used to be into bags, but now I have. It looks like a little lunch box. You can throw it over your shoulder and also just sit in the side of my car because I stop and go really fast. I’m a crazy driver. It doesn’t fall over. It’s got a very stable bottom to it. I’m practical, you know?

Modeliste: What kinds of accessories do you gravitate towards when putting together an outfit?

Dove: I love chokers. I’m not going to lie. I get mad at myself for how much I like a choker. I gravitate towards, I have like 80 chokers, like so many. I have my “Little” necklace that I wear all the time that Kristin Chenoweth gave me and that’s kind of became my nickname, “Little”. People call me that. Then I obviously I have my bracelet from my boyfriend that I wear all the time with everything.

Modeliste: What are you looking forward to most with summer fashion?

Dove: White, everybody is always all about the white in summer and white is my number one favorite color to wear. I’m looking forward to, I really want huge platform stuff this summer. I’m sort of paying attention to what I want instead of trends. Yeah, I’m feeling like a white bohemian Twiggy vibe for this summer. Lots of platforms and satin ribbons.

Modeliste: What are your three must have beauty products?

Dove: Ooh. I love a thick brow. I love a little boy brow action. I have crazy eyelashes naturally so I used to be obsessed with mascara and I’m not really any more. I prefer sort of a fresher face. I like a little highlight, just like dewiness and maybe. I found this lip liner that is the exact same color as my lips and so if I do a little bit of lip liner, a little bit of highlight, and a little bit of brow. I’ve just woken up from a fairy princess dream. That’s kind of my life goal all the time.

Modeliste: Having been on set with so many different make up artists, what are some tips you’ve taken away to use in your own beauty routine?

Dove: Okay. Listen up. Highlight on the inner corner of the eye. Highlight on the tip of the nose. Highlight on the bow of your lips. That will change your life. Brushing your brows up instead of this way. What else? Oh, my make up artist and I, I’m looking at her right now. She’s like my second mother. What we like to do is take instead of a full eyelash strip because I feel like that closes my eyes and my eyes are fairly big naturally, because of the nature of my face they can just get closed. We’ll cut a lash strip in half and then just do straight from here out and then do a couple individuals here. Then we take the part that we’ve cut off and double layer it to make like a crazy wing. I just changed your life.

Modeliste: What kind of look do you go for when doing your own makeup?

Dove: I’m obsessed with makeup recently. I never used to be a makeup girl at all. I used to be terrible at it. You can travel back in time with me and you can verify. I tend to do everything. On my typical day, I don’t wear any makeup because I’m lazy. Usually my hair is up and back and I’m fresh faced. I like everything. I’ve had a great year so far in 2017 in terms of shoots, crazy variety of hair and makeup. It’s just so fascinating. It’s like art. It’s like wearable art. I do the full range.

Modeliste: What would you like to say to your fans?

Dove: Obviously, thank you for the immense support. Fan and idol relationship is so interesting and singular by nature because it’s taking a stand and saying, “I associate with this person. I align myself with this person. I support them. I follow them.” You have never met me. You might never meet me. That’s something so gorgeous about being a human and the way our society works. I think that that’s one of the most interesting relationships to come out of the way that we work today. It’s like you’re family but you chose me. My way of choosing you back is by being good to you, by giving you what you want, by keeping in communication, by taking your opinions into consideration in terms of what I do, and keeping that lack of wall between us. I can’t describe what it feels like to be on the other side of you guys but it’s one of the biggest blessings in my life. Thank you so much for what you do every day. I love you.

Source: Modeliste Magazine

Dove Cameron Knows Being Complicated Isn’t a Crime
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Talking to Dove Cameron, the 21-year-old Disney Channel star of “Liv and Maddie” and “Descendants,” it’s hard to imagine her playing a villain.

Before I’d even had a chance to say hello and babble about the weather, Dove was singing my name like we were in a production of West Side Story.

Talking to Dove is like making an instant friend at a party — someone you spill your entire life story to even though you’ll never see them again, and it doesn’t get weird.

And it turns out this happens to Dove a lot.

“I don’t think there’s anyone that I’ve met that I haven’t created a bit of a deep relationship with,” Dove told Galore. “It’s a really lovely thing to create a relationship with people that might not anticipate that closeness.”

Dove Cameron is a rare breed: a positive person who knows being complicated isn’t a crime.

Happy belated birthday! What was it like to turn 21?

Completely different. I woke up and I felt like a completely new person.


No, 20 was bigger for me. But I spent 21 with my best friends and we all went to Vegas. And that was phenomenal! We did it right. My best friend and I got tattoos.

What’d you guys get?

So, I got a little X on my pinkie. Kiersey [Clemons] got a little O. I think for her the O represented like wholeness and a unity. And for me the X represents a lot. No what direction you put an X in, it’s still an X, which I think is really beautiful to me at a time in my life when so many people want so many different things from me. I feel like I can look down and always be reminded that no matter where I go, I’m still the same at my core.

And an X also represents like a crossroads for me. And you know the number 10. There is a lot of significance actually, the more I think about it.

Also, it represents that my best friend and I wanted matching tattoos haha.

In general, would you say you’re happy getting older?

Yes. I would say so. I keep getting asked if I turned 16 so I don’t know what that means. I feel like I’m looking younger as I’m getting older. I love it. I mean I always felt like my age never matched with my insides. Now, I feel more comfortable in myself. I love growing older.

And what age do you feel inside?

I think when I turned 20, I felt pretty 20. And I think now, maybe 23. 23 might be the next one that I feel. I’ll hit that and I’ll feel rooted to the ground again. 21 is an interesting one for me, I don’t know if I feel 21.

Well, I feel like 21 always takes a bit to set in.

Yeah, and I’m not much of a drinker so there wasn’t much lead up to drinking or anything. I do feel like now, I can have champagne though, on a special occasion.

Was that the first drink you had when you turned 21?

No, the first drink I had was a shot of vodka with all my friends at midnight.

That’s hardcore.

I was going for it. And then after that I just had some martinis, I like those.

Does having a baby face and getting mistaken for 16 ever get annoying?

It only gets annoying when it inhibits me from playing like 18. When they’re like ‘you look 15,’ I’m like ‘ughhhh what do I have to do?’ But I don’t mind it, I mean it’s what I look like, right?

What’s it like to play the daughter of such an iconic Disney character like Maleficent?

Phenomenal. I associated more with the villains when I was younger. I mean I think the villains, all across the board, are always more interesting people. I always loved Maleficent because she’s the most evil of them all, and if you’re going to like a villain, you might as well go all in. “The Descendants” franchise continues to be one of my absolute favorite things I’ve ever done with my time.

What are some things you think girls can take away from evil characters?

So much of what I’m about is positivity and really keeping your thoughts and intentions pure. I think so much of what’s happening in society today is causing people to develop major anxiety. The world is getting more and more insane. But, I do think that we can learn from the evil characters that intensity is ok. I think we need to preach to girls that being complicated is allowed. I think a lot of people glorify being simple and sweet and easy. And I think a lot of girls are terrified to be high maintenance. I think evil girls focus on themselves a little bit more. And show it’s ok to be powerful. I think that’s something we can all take away.

Are you at all worried about escaping the Disney girl label as you move forward in your career?

No, I anticipated that I would be when I was 14, and I was scared about labels and the sort of things that come along with the Disney Channel but I found it’s genuinely brought nothing but light and genuine love under my feet and into my life. They’ve been so supportive. Truly, it was the most educational experience I could have ever asked for. I think that Disney Channel presents an amazing platform, obviously, but also a huge safety net, and warmth. You don’t realize everything they give to you. It’s an unparalleled way to be introduced to television and music. They’ve done nothing but teach me and take care of me.

So then why do you think that so many Disney stars in particular have a really hard time adjusting to life outside Disney?

I think that that is probably an easy answer! One thing I genuinely think helped was I started in the industry when I started with Disney, I started a little bit later than most people. I started acting at 14 and I had already found my individualism at that point, which serves me and continues to serve me to no end. And I also think that any experience of any human is what that human decides to make of it. I don’t necessarily thing the Disney Channel has anything to do with how someone comes out of it. It’s just a lot of experience at a very young age and that does different things to different people.

Do you feel any obligation to be a role model?

Yes, absolutely. I take that very seriously. I love my younger audience, I love doing things that are for my younger audience and as I’m growing, I do things for my older audience as well, but I keep those things separate. I have a great relationship with both fan bases. I love children and I’m very passionate about young minds and I think children need to be taken very seriously.

Who are some of the women that you look up to?

So many. Amy Poehler. Tina Fey. Meryl Streep. Jessica Lange is my all time favorite actress. There are also a lot of close personal friends I look up to. And my mother and my family. I love women. I love celebrating women.

Good, that important to hear especially right now.

Yes, there’s a lot of bad stuff going on right now and I find it so rewarding to be able to look up to my peers. To be surrounding myself with people that I relate to and learn from everyday. It’s a really magical time in my life, and I’m very grateful.

What are some of your acting goals in the long-term?

EVERY GOAL. I just came off of the live production of “Hairspray” on NBC and it really reignited a stage bug in me. I would love to continue to explore stage – Broadway, eventually, if they let me. Maybe one day soon. I love film. I love television. I’ve just come off of 4 years of television though so I’m looking for things to broaden my horizons, but I want to do everything forever. And not everyone is lucky enough to want to do what he or she is doing forever.

Do you have any new music in the works right now?

I do. I’ve been promising my fans an album for some time now. I’m making a lot of moves in that direction.

What kind of album is it going to be?

I have a lot of influences and I don’t want to give anything away about the things I’m currently working on. I’ve been promising it for so long that my fans deserve a bit of a reveal. It is definitely going to be what a lot of fans would expect for me, but then I think for a lot [of fans], not what they would expect from me.

What Disney hunk would you definitely go on a date with?

Cartoon? I think Prince Eric is the original hunk. Who would I go on a date with now? I don’t know if I can answer that. I might be a little tight lipped in that area, but Prince Eric for sure.

What’s the number one sign that a girl is ready to start dating after a break up?

She cuts her hair! Like I did.

Do you believe in rebound boyfriends?

No, I don’t believe in rebound boyfriends. I believe in finding yourself and living on your own and doing your own thing until someone comes up that you can’t ignore.

And when someone does, do you believe that girls should make the first move?

I believe that whatever is organic should happen the way it is supposed to. In my minimal amount of experience, it’s always been something that just cant be stopped and I think that’s the only reason to pursue anything at all.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about you when they first meet you?

I think a lot of people think I’m either unintelligent because I’m a very happy person and I have a lot of energy or that it’s a fake happiness like fake energy. I completely understand that because it’s a lot to handle and I am a very emotional human being. This may be a bit of a broad statement, but I don’t think there’s anyone that I’ve met that I haven’t created a bit of a deep relationship with. It’s a really lovely thing to create a relation with people that might not anticipate that closeness. And that’s kind of the light of my live, getting to be close to people.

Source: Galore Magazine

Dove Cameron interview with obsessee
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A young girl from Seattle moves to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, lands a starring role (well, two, because she plays identical twins) on @disneychannel, and shoots to stardom. Sound familiar? Sure. But @dovecameron is anything but common. Although her rise to fame is a story we’ve heard before, and that same track produced household names who not only grew up with millions of people watching but also embarrassed themselves on more than a few occasions, there’s something different this time around. It’s been three years since Liv and Maddie first aired, and since then, Dove’s flourished into a full-blown superstar with 9 million Instagram followers *and* a good head on her shoulders. We spent the day with her, channeling a bohemian Stevie Nicks for this photoshoot (and #emojifiles video! Watch our Stories now ☝️) and she’s exactly how you’d imagine her to be: smart, fun, and omg-what-planet-do-you-come-from talented. As you read this, she’s in rehearsal for @nbchairspraylive, preparing for what I imagine to be an insanely stressful feat—a live musical that also happens to be broadcasted on national TV—but lucky for her, she’s a true triple threat. No sweat, right?

“One of my proudest moments was on the final day that we wrapped Liv and Maddie. Because you never talk to your co-stars or your producers about the gravity of anything. You experience what you experience. It’s casual. But when we were doing final wraps, they called me last, and I remember looking at all these people who have truly become my family, having them clap for me and telling me that I made them proud. Making people who you love proud is what makes me the proudest.”

“It scares me to feel like I don’t have enough of myself at any given moment—feeling like I’ve given too much. Because I’m the kind of person to give, give, give, and then I realize I’m empty. It’s like how when you reach the end of the day and you’re so drained. I live my life on that precipice of constantly giving too much, because I love to give, it feels good, but then there’s that thin line between giving too much. It scares me to feel like I’ve reached that end where I have nothing left to give but still need to go on. I have to constantly budget my day and my time.”

“My advice to girls pursuing their dreams is to look back at your life as though it’s already happened. Imagine how well it went and all of the things you did and everything that went right for you—your dream life. And then pursue that life like you have the safety of something that’s already happened. Go into the world like you’re in complete control, like you’re looking back, like it’s a memory. Because then you’ll do more, and you’ll get it all done. Because you can.”

“I have too many goals. I just tweeted that the other day, actually. Overall, my goals are to wake up excited and happy with what I’m doing every day, to be fulfilled, and to have more laughing and exuberant times than anxious times. Otherwise, I want to travel the world, to be in love, and to improve other people’s days.”

“I’d love to do Broadway. It’s something I’ve never experienced, but I’ve always wanted to do it. I’d also love to direct and produce just because I love the industry. That’s why I wanted to get involved in the first place. For film. It wasn’t necessarily to be an actor. That was just the first of a bunch of things I wanted to experience.”

“The lack of information that’s fed to children when they’re young about how to take care of themselves is something I care about. To me, it’s neglect to not feed kids nutritious foods. I plan on expanding that idea into a cookbook one day and potentially, way off into the future, a restaurant chain with really nutritional but inexpensive, easy-to-make stuff. Preaching strong values to young minds and readying children to be adults, in a healthy way, is really important to me.”

“My ideal night is coming home after a long day of work and feeling like I accomplished something. I already worked out and got all of that out of the way. Ordering chinese takeout, turning all the lights off, lighting all the candles, and binge-watching the Ricky Gervais version of The Office. With a boy—with a cute boy and some blankies.”

Final speed round of questions with @dovecameron on 3, 2, 1…

Favorite place to shop:@asos just because they have so much variety. And @nastygal.”


Preferred mode of communication: “Probably texting.”

Biggest splurges: “I definitely splurge on food the most. Second, maybe skincare products.”

Best face mask:@glamglow or #Noxzema. I use Noxzema cleanser to get heavy makeup off, and it’s fantastic.”

Thing she never leaves home without: “Food. I always have food in my bag. Everyone on set comes to me if they’re hungry because I always have eight different kinds of bars, beef jerky, and blackberries.”

Go-to joke: “My favorite joke, which isn’t even funny but I’m already laughing at is… Knock-knock. Who’s there? Little old lady. Little old lady who… can also yodle.”

Tastiest snack: “Lately, I’m doing this thing where I chop up apples, put sugar and cinnamon on them, and then microwave it. Oh, it’s so good. It’s like a little baby apple pie.”

Dove Cameron Overcomes Her Disney Identity to Tackle Hairspray Live!’s Bully
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Dove Cameron went to high school for only two years. “I skipped ninth grade,” she says. “I went from eighth to tenth, and then I graduated a year early to start working, and it was a big blessing for me because I was not a school person, although I really do miss having that kind of environment. I was a huge show-choir girl!”

In 2012, she left her Glee-like days behind to lead a double life, starring as identical twins Liv and Maddie Rooney on the Disney Channel series Liv and Maddie. Cameron considers herself a musical theatre buff at heart, but television took the reins during her teenage years, so she’s thrilled to be starring as Amber Von Tussle in NBC’s December 7 broadcast of Hairspray Live!

“I actually saw Hairspray in theatres when it came out [in 2007],” she says. Cameron and two of her closest friends “snuck mashed potatoes and gravy in from the nearby supermarket, and we watched it. We loved it so much that we went again the next day, but I had the poster up in my room for like three or four years. I was obsessed with the movie.”

Just as she was a huge fan of Hairspray, Cameron began to experience the fandom that comes with life as a Disney Channel star. She’s also been in the Disney Channel film Descendants, about the children of Disney villains, in which Kristin Chenoweth played her mother Maleficent; the two will play a mother-daughter duo again in Hairspray Live!

Cameron first felt the impact of her work when fans recognized her at The Grove in L.A. “I had a full-blown panic attack,” she admits. “I had to duck into the Nordstrom, and get water, and take a minute… I can’t make eye contact when people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. I don’t take compliments well, so I freaked out. But I slowly got used to it over time.”

The 20-year-old actor spent her teenage years leading Liv and Maddie, which lasted for four seasons, and it wasn’t always easy being the go-to girl. “Right when Liv and Maddie had started, there was no roadmap for how to do a show where one girl played two,” she explains. “It’s just not something that is often done, so we had nothing to refer to. Before we really figured out a rhythm and a way to get through it—and have me be alive at the end of the day—it was a long period of time where I was really struggling with the energy, and the workload, and shooting everything twice, then recording on the weekends, and still sleeping, and having a social life. There was definitely a time when I [told] my mom, ‘I literally think I’m not capable of doing this. I do not think I will survive this. I think I am going to let all of Disney Channel down. They trusted me with this, and I seriously think I am going to cost them millions of dollars and pull out of this show.’”

Despite the struggle, Cameron credits Liv and Maddie with her toughness. “I honestly think what skyrocketed me into professionalism was learning how to play two people and still live through the day. I know that sounds dramatic, but shooting everything twice and going through the emotions of two different humans was crazy for me at 16. In terms of my career, that was something that really, really formed me.”

Though she’s a bit nervous about Jerry Mitchell’s fast-paced “Nicest Kids in Town” choreography in Hairspray Live!, she says, “Nothing can scare me now.”

Source: Playbill

Exclusive: Dove Cameron Chats About “The Girl and The Dreamcatcher”
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BYOU Magazine: Can you tell us about your music and upcoming projects for The Girl and The Dreamcatcher

Dove: Yeah! Mine and Ryan’s band, The Girl and The Dreamcatcher, is a huge passion of mine. I am so excited. I am really, really grateful to Disney Channel for showing our stuff, helping me promote and cultivate this music career. It’s amazing! I could not feel happier. It is very rare that an artist in my position, or in almost anyone’s position really, has full power and autonomy over what they put out, but Ryan and I really do. Everything that you hear form our band has been written by us. We get the music back and we say, “we want more drums here,” or “want more guitar here,” or “we definitely want this part to be longer.” We shoot, pay for, and edit all of our own music videos. So everything that you’re getting from us is 100 percent authentic; you’re getting it directly from us and that’s something that we’re really proud about. We have a lot coming out this year. 2016 is going to be a huge year for us, and we’re really excited about all this support we’re being shown by the fans — we love our “dreamcatchers”! And there’s so much more coming your way and I can’t even wait to show you guys! Lots of live performances, lots of music videos, singles, possibly an EP! (see update below)

BYOU Magazine: If you had the possibility of signing with a record company, what would you do?

Dove: That’s a conversation we’re in right now because we’re both people that understand that the only way to break a plan is to make a plan. So we’re never going to say, “We will never sign with a record label.” Right now, we’re not really interested but if we were to sign with a record label, the first thing we would say to them is, “We’ve done this all by ourselves and we don’t want to lose our control. And we don’t want to lose our relationship with our fans if we sign with you. Can you offer us that?” If they say “yes,” we’ll look into it further and if they say “no,” then we will remain independent forever.

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UPDATE: The duo is set to release their new EP titled “Negatives” this summer! The duo recently announced on their Instagram and Twitter pages, that we can look forward to the new EP sometime this summer, along with some exciting song titles such as “Shoulda Made You Mine,” “Gladiator,” “I Really Hate Parties,” and “The Heat.” No release date announced just yet, but you can count on this dynamic duo to deliver some amazing tunes!

Source: BYOU