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Jan 29
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Posted by Laura

Jan 21
Cloud 9, New Cover, new Photoshoot!

Did you guys catch Dove's new movie Cloud 9 on Disney Channel this past Friday? If you didn't, it airs again this Thursday, January 23rd, at 8:30/7:30C on Disney Channel! In the meantime, be sure to check out the site and play games and read about the movie and characters. The movie is also available on Amazon Instant Video!

Also, Dove recently did a new portrait session with the amazing Scott Gries in New York! Check out the amazing photos in our gallery!

And last but not least, Dove and her boyfriend Ryan McCartan recorded this adorable video of them singing a mashup of a few songs. Check it out!

Posted by Laura

Dec 31
Cloud 9!

Hello Dove fans! I apologize greatly for the lack of updates as I have been busy with school. But today I have a big update for you all! As you know, Dove stars in Disney Channel's upcoming film Cloud 9 which will premiere on January 17th. Dove attended the premiere recently and I have added those images to the gallery.

Also, new stills have been released for the film. I added those to the gallery as well! And don't forget to check out the trailer and to catch the movie on January 17th to see Dove in action!

Posted by Laura

Oct 28
Better in Stereo Video and Barely Lethal!

    Hi Dove fans! Sorry for the lack of updates, but today I wanted to share Dove's new, and first, music video for her song (also the Liv and Maddie theme song) Better in Stereo?! The video features Dove's real life best friend, Veronica. Better and Stereo and On Top of the World are both charting on Radio Disney's Top 20- way to go Dove! Also, in Liv and Maddie news, they just finished filming season 1! Have you guys liked the season so far?

    Also, Dove has just booked her first feature film, Barely Lethal! The film has several young stars in it like Hailee Steinfeld, Sophie Turner, Thomas Mann, and now Dove! Hailee Steinfeld's character, a teen assasin, moves to a new high school where Dove's character is "queen bee", but don't worry, the two eventually become best friends! The film is a drama-comedy film, no release date has been set yet but I will keep everyone updated! Yay Dove!

Posted by Laura

Sep 23
Team-A-Rooney Screencaps + Steal-A-Rooney

    Hello Dove fans! I have added screencaps from Liv and Maddie's pilot episode, Team-a-Rooney to the newly designed gallery! Remember Liv and Maddie currently is airing on Sundays on Disney Channel. Did you guys watch tonights episode- Sleep-A-Rooney?  I'm hoping to screencap that episode for you guys as well!

    A clip for next weeks episode, Steal-a-Rooney has also been released. This episode will costar Dove's close friend Cozi Zuehlsdorff who starred in the Bits and Pieces pilot with Dove. (Bits and Pieces eventually turned in to Liv and Maddie). Also- just some site news, I made a twitter for the site so you can follow and get all the updates, plus a new layout has been made and should be up within the next week or so! It was made by the amazing Celin and I can't wait for you to see it!

Posted by Laura

Sep 14
More Liv and Maddie!

Hello Dove fans! As you probably know, Liv and Maddie is premiering TOMORROW on Disney Channel! Disney has released a new clip of the episode tomorrow called Team-A-Rooney and Huffpost Teen has shared new behind the scenes photos from the Liv and Maddie set! And don't forget to tune in to Liv and Maddie tomorrow at 8/7c on Disney Channel!

Posted by Laura

Aug 19
Gallery Update + Liv and Maddie!

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the sneak preview we got of Liv and Maddie last month! I have added some pictures to the gallery from 2 events Dove recently attended, the Power of Youth event and the Cosmopolitan Summer Bash! Dove also attended the Disney D23 expo this past week to promote Liv and Maddie! Check the pictures out in the gallery! Also- remember to watch Liv and Maddie on - SEPTEMBER 15th. The episode we got last month was just a sneak peak, the series will air regularly starting in September!

Posted by Laura

Jul 20
Huffington Post & Liv and Maddie Reminder!

Today's the big day! In about half an hour, tune in to Disney Channel to see Dove in Liv and Maddie for the first time! Dove also recently did an interview with Huffington Post about the show and the top 10 reasons why she LOVES to work on it! Check it out and don't forget to watch Liv and Maddie!

1. I never have to think about making breakfast, lunch or dinner. Life quality improved by 67 percent. Larry the Craft Service Czar is my hero.

2. One of my favorite things about working on Liv and Maddie is the creative environment that has been designed for us by our lovely director, producers and writers. The cast is given colossal freedom to improvise scenes, pitch lines and collaborate on character development. It's an actor's dream.

3. My absolute favorite thing about working on Liv and Maddie is my cast and crew. The people that I spend almost every hour of every day with. Your cast has great influence over the quality of your life, and I've been blessed with not just a cast, but a family. We love each other so much that we even spend our off-time together. Even if I sometimes pretend to not know them when we go out in public.

Posted by Laura

Jul 18
Access Hollywood Interview!

Dove did an interview earlier today for Access Hollywood and it's already out on the site! Plus, Dove talks more about Bits and Pieces and it's transformation into what we know now as Liv and Maddie. Plus, she talks about the challenges of playing twins on her own!

Posted by Laura

Jul 17
Liv and Maddie First Look!

Entertainment Weekly posted a new sneak peak of Liv and Maddie which will be on Disney Channel THIS FRIDAY (July 19) after Teen Beach Movie. Keep in mind the actual show does not come out until September and Friday's episode will just be a sneak peak. Click here or on the picture below to watch the new clip!

Posted by Laura

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